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Born in 1986, Charlotte Audoynaud lives and works in Saint-Malo.


Charlotte Audoynaud builds her photographic practice between narrative autobiography, and fiction. She composes and captures, fragments of life, body, nature, details of existence. With her medium format, she photographs her family, in natural landscapes. In the current context, where we wonder about the natural spaces in which we live, and the impact we have on them, she proposes a personal reading of them. Her photographic projects are written in squeaky natural light. Preferring twilight or fragile luminosities, she inscribes her work in wobbly temporalities, where forms and beings tilt in a palpable strangeness. The night, the rain, announced, flushes the imaginations and begins other stories. The figures repeat themselves in an uncertain décor, evoking an exploded narrative scheme of a vain itinerary.  We are here and elsewhere, an ephemeral parenthesis between dream and reality, a frozen moment of time suspended in an unstable in-between where the sensitive flaws of beings express themselves.

Charlotte Audoynaud draws an intimate territory in which the strata of a geography of the sensible are superimposed. 


In 2016, Charlotte Audoynaud graduates with the plastic artist Ludivine Zambon at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. In duet, she engages herself in video projects. With the compositor Pierre Joseff, they are developing a collective artistic practice made of multidisciplinary projects mixing video, photography, writing, performance and sound. Together they compose dark, cold and poetic atmospheres, where the landscape becomes decoration, the inhabitants become characters, the objects become accessories. As their work progresses, they draw up a poetic and social portrait of the youth that surrounds them, of their generation, of their loved ones. Thus, they produce several works, installations and performances. They have had the opportunity to present their work, in the course of multiple exhibitions, and projections such as Nouvelle vague, dernière vague, avec imagespassages, Le jardin des Argonautes,  in resonance at the Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon, but also Première étoile, dernier flocon (Versant vidéo) at the Villa du Parc d'Annemasse.

​In addition, Charlotte Audoynaud collaborates with her brothers around the musical project Gelatine Turner for whom she produces photographs and videos.

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